Monday, 30 July 2012

A great trip in Yilan

Come to our off day! Today we had planned to travel in Yilan. The journey from the New Taipei City to Yilan took approximately 3 hours. We spent 2 days 1 night in Yilan.

We start our journey sharp at 8.30am and we arrived in Yilan at about 11am. We plan to have a light food. We stopped at the store of selling the Chinese traditional buns. We ordered 3 plates of spicy traditional buns. I taste the bun with a cup of milk tea. The Chinese traditional buns taste good. The Chinese traditional buns filled with the mix of the meat and vegetable.

                                            The looks of traditional buns attractive!

We continue our journey. We approaching to the Tai Ping mountain. On the way to the Tai Ping mountain, I felt a bit of faint. This is due to the road approached to the Tai Ping mountain is steep and curve. Perhaps, i just close my eye and sleep inside the car while waiting to reach the mountain. We stopped at the visitor centre to get some of the travel information,as well as take a small rest. At the same time, i get out my camera to capture the beautiful scene of the mountain.

                                                    The greenery mountain!

                                                    The fresher air from the mountain.


Finally, we reached Tai Ping mountain! Once we stand in Tai Ping mountain, the cool air is toward us. I started to feel cool~Each of us is busy to get out the camera and keep on capture the beautiful scene of the mountain.

                                               The mountains were shrouded in mist.

Next, we started to hike the Tai Ping mountain. From the hill, we seen the Turtle Island !

                                                                Can you see it?

From the hill of the mountain:=)


After spent 2 hours in the mountain, our plan is to get some of the snack near the mountain area.


                                The place of the convenience shop where we get the small snack.

At this time, the mountain surrounded with the mist~

                              The temperature fall just to17 degree celcius! Wow,is really cool !

Then, we started to leave the mountain. The last destination is night market. We get our dinner in the night market. We had tried the popular dessert :

After the night market, it come to the end of the day. We check in and spent a night in the hostel. I had a most enjoyable trip!


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

李梅树纪念馆(Li Mei Shu Memorial Gallery)

李梅树纪念馆(Li Mei Shu Memorial Gallery)

梅树纪念馆位于新北市三峡区中华路43巷10号。这家纪念馆成立于1990,原名为 館”。纪念馆的成立是为了纪念梅树的艺术作品。梅树是一名著名的艺术家。 梅树出生于1902年。自小,梅树对绘画和音乐非常有兴趣。热爱艺术的梅树也投入了艺术教育。在她升学之路,梅树不断的研究画艺,进修不同画艺。李梅树对艺术有一定的严格需求。她坚持信念踏入美术的路线,把台湾的艺术发扬光大。

三峡祖师庙的重建设计概念是出自于李梅树教授   于1935年至1958年在三峡街庄协议员。三峡祖师庙的雕饰是李梅树教授绘画艺术风格三峡祖师庙的石雕,石柱, 雕刻都是自于李梅树教授。数十年如一日,梅树不是抽空到庙里督工。梅树把祖师庙的每一个部分都设计得非常的精细。因为梅树当年对艺术的坚持,才能把祖师庙的建筑变得更坚固。


Monday, 23 July 2012

Biking day^

Come to the second off day. We plan to go for biking. The place we are looking for is called " Old Caoling Tunnel Biking". Once we arrived, we first go to take our lunch. After take our lunch, we rent a bicycle. The cost to rent a bicycle just 100 TWD. We are allowed to rent the bicycle until the time of 7pm. We start to ride the bicycle around the place.

We discovered the beautiful scene in the place.

We heard the sound of the wave. We feel  the fresh air from the sea. After 3 hours, we stopped at the temple. We take a rest in the temple and also take some small snack before we continue.

Next , we go to the beach. Both of us feel great standing at the sea side. We feel the fresh air toward us.

                                                               The beautiful sea view.

 Both of us sat at the sea side and have a deep breath. We collect some of  the shell along the sea .We just spend about 30 minutes at the beach side. Due to the weather seem going to rain soon, we start to keep our things and leave the place.

Jiu Fen and Jing gua Shi

Today is our day off. We continue our journey to explore around the Taiwan. We guided by another AISECER throughout the journey. We start our journey at 8am. First of all, we take train go to the Jiu Fen. The train took about 30 minutes reach to Jiu Fen. 


                                  The sea view is so...beautiful from the Jiu Fen bus station!

Jiu Fen is a place where we can taste various type of food. We stopped at Jiu Fen to take our breakfast.  As I stepped inside Jiu Fen, I realize that yam dish can be founded around this area. We stop at the dessert store and taste for the yam dish.

        Yam dish with the read bean

                                                                Mixed yam dish with different type of beans and nuts

Both type of the yam dishes taste good. We spent our time walked around the Jiu Fen. We come to one of the tea shop. The tea shop is quite different for me. The environment of the tea shop is cool and nice. The tea shop not only provided the place for the tea lovers to taste the tea, but also display some of the antiques.

Next come to our lunch~


After lunch, we toward to the gold museum,

Next is the hiking time in 金瓜石

We took around 3 to 4 hours time to reach the peak of the mountain. The weather in the hill is fresh. We take our rest in the mountain. The view from the hill is great!

After the hiking, our journey come to the end. We start to leave. I feel exhausted after come back to home. throughout today journey, I discover the nature of the environment. Although the process of hiking is tired, but i was not regret. I proud of myself can reach to the peak of the mountain.

Friday, 20 July 2012

The making of blue dyeing

During the time stayed in the Taiwan, I exposure many new things in my life. One of the activity that i had experienced was the making of the blue dyeing. Blue dyeing is one of the traditional culture that still preserve  in the Sanxia Old Street. This is the first time for me and my partner to make our own blue dyeing clothes.

We had came to the place where to make the blue dyeing.

We encountered with the owner of the shop to guide us how to start the blue dyeing. We get inside the classroom and listened to the guideline from the shop owner. There are various type of the pictures or styles can be chosen to make the blue dyeing.

                              Each of us are given a piece of the cloth.

Next, the shop owner teach us how to flip the cloth according to the different kind of the pictures or styles .

                               Sketch out the model or structure of the pictures you want to make.

                              After the model has been designed, tight it well with the rubber band.

Next, we need to get ready to immerse the cloth inside the big pail with the blue ink.

The blue ink inside the pail is make from the plant call the "马蓝大箐”。

This is the plant of "马蓝大箐”

We need to repeat the procedure by opening the cloth slide by slide to let the blue colour stained completely on the surface of the cloth. We need  to repeat the process twice.

Finally, our product complete. We get the cloth out from the pail and let the cloth to dry for about 10 minutes.

                                                  Haha....This was made by me!

              While waiting for the cloth to dry, let get inside the shop.

 These were the products sold inside the shop. All of the products inside the shop is handmade by the shop owner and the workers. This was made me feel so admire to the shop owner and workers.

  After the cloth dry, we keep the cloth inside a plastic bag. We get ready to leave.

After the journey, blue dyeing had given me a big impression. I realize the reason why the shop owner would rather to use  handmade in blue dyeing than just use machine. This is due to they need to keep the tradition of culture in making the blue dyeing. Therefore, the culture is valuable and we should not forget it!