Saturday, 18 August 2012



阿宗芋冰所使用的搭配食材都是纯自然的。本家是不采用人工香料及化学色素。我们采用传统方法制造食材。本家的招牌甜品——“三色冰”是采用三种材料搭配,那就是芋头, 红豆,和凤梨所制造而成的。除此之外,本家的豆花和冰淇淋也受到大众的喜爱。







tea soap 茶山房事业有限公司

Next, we went to visit a shop that selling a various type of soap. The name of the shop known as " 茶山房事业有限公司”. This shop has been operated about six years,from 2007 till 2012. The product that sell in this shop all is come from natural material and is free from pollution. The owner told us some of the special feature about their products. The owner has informed us that their product is all from  handmade soap and their soap can be floated into the water. This is different with other shop that use the chemical material to make the soap and mostly the soap will be immersed into the water. Apart from our interview, we get to know the history of the soap business and we can try the different flavour of the soap. The first introduction of the soap is the green tea shop. This is the first and origin of the soap business. The green tea soap is the best seller. The green tea soap is mainly made from the Bi Luo Chun green tea. The Bi Luo Chun green tea contains rich catechin, polybasic carbolic acid and antioxidants that believe can reduce the excess oil secretion in our skin.

                                                              The green tea extract.

                                                             Various type of handmade soap.

       The special thing of the soap is it can be floated on the water! wow, is really amazing!

The tea soap  has offered a place for the customer to test various flavor of  the soap:

I get the opportunity to test the soap.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wulai and Gugong musuem

Time has passed fast. It's already came to our off day. We had spent our off day visited to the Wulai and Gugong musuem. In the first day, we spent our time in Wulai. Once we arrived to the Wulai, we planned to get into a hot spring. We had chosen the Japanese style  indoor hot spring. The Japanese hot spring cost for 300yuan, unlimited time. Due to the reason of raining in outside, we trapped inside the hot spring. We spent more time in the hot spring,while wait for the rain stop.

Finally, the rain has stopped. This time, we felt hungry after a hot spring. So, we decided to get our lunch in the Wulai Old Street. Along the Wulai Old Street, I realize that the small mochi and the millet are the popular foods in Wulai. We stopped in one of the restaurant to take our lunch. We has ordered bamboo rice, fried fish and a plate of vegetables.

The yummy bamboo rice~

                                                          The crispy fried fish...Nice...

We can enjoyed our meal while watching to the outside scene around the Wulai. Next, we walked around the Wulai. We felt the fresh air towards us. After 20 minutes of walk, we can seen the beautiful nature of the waterfall in our left side. I stand at the road and look upwards, i can seen the Gondola park. Due to the weather is not good,we cancel the plan to take the Gondola. We take picture around the area of  the waterfall.

Our plan for the second off day is Gugong Musuem. We start the trip on afternoon. We first take our lunch nearby the MRT Jingan Station. We take steamboat as our lunch. After, we approaching to the Gugong Musuem. Once i stepped in front of the building, i felt the grand of the musuem. we get inside the exhibition centre and i discovered that the art inside the Gugong is beautiful!

Our next stop is the Shilin night market.We decided to take our dinner in the night market. It's come to the end of the trips for these two days off.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Typhoon !

Typhoon is heading to Taiwan ! The typhoon already hit to the East part of Taiwan. The typhoon warning has been issued on the 31 July till today 2nd August.( Therefore, these few days we are stayed in the home. The weather in my area, New Taipei City is heavy rain and strong wind. The raining day predict will be continued in these few days. This is the first time i experience with the typhoon. The typhoon is one of the challenge that i need to face with it along i stayed in Taiwan.The weather here start to change to cold. 

                                                               The outside is wet.                                     

                                               Seem that the weather is getting worst.

Before the typhoon heading to my area, my partner and I frequent shop in Carrefour to get some of foods. We brought foods to store in home. These few days we will stay in home. We always update the weather of Taiwan. 

                                                        Haha.... this is my foods!

                                         This is my thicker sweater that i use when i feel cool.