Thursday, 2 August 2012

Typhoon !

Typhoon is heading to Taiwan ! The typhoon already hit to the East part of Taiwan. The typhoon warning has been issued on the 31 July till today 2nd August.( Therefore, these few days we are stayed in the home. The weather in my area, New Taipei City is heavy rain and strong wind. The raining day predict will be continued in these few days. This is the first time i experience with the typhoon. The typhoon is one of the challenge that i need to face with it along i stayed in Taiwan.The weather here start to change to cold. 

                                                               The outside is wet.                                     

                                               Seem that the weather is getting worst.

Before the typhoon heading to my area, my partner and I frequent shop in Carrefour to get some of foods. We brought foods to store in home. These few days we will stay in home. We always update the weather of Taiwan. 

                                                        Haha.... this is my foods!

                                         This is my thicker sweater that i use when i feel cool.


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