Monday, 23 July 2012

Biking day^

Come to the second off day. We plan to go for biking. The place we are looking for is called " Old Caoling Tunnel Biking". Once we arrived, we first go to take our lunch. After take our lunch, we rent a bicycle. The cost to rent a bicycle just 100 TWD. We are allowed to rent the bicycle until the time of 7pm. We start to ride the bicycle around the place.

We discovered the beautiful scene in the place.

We heard the sound of the wave. We feel  the fresh air from the sea. After 3 hours, we stopped at the temple. We take a rest in the temple and also take some small snack before we continue.

Next , we go to the beach. Both of us feel great standing at the sea side. We feel the fresh air toward us.

                                                               The beautiful sea view.

 Both of us sat at the sea side and have a deep breath. We collect some of  the shell along the sea .We just spend about 30 minutes at the beach side. Due to the weather seem going to rain soon, we start to keep our things and leave the place.

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