Wednesday, 4 July 2012

This is the fourth day for me to join a student exchange programme. Today is a such a good starting day for me and my partner to exposed to the culture of the Taiwan. Today we had an great experience and a closer discovered about the old tradition Street located in the Taiwan. The place where I mean is the " Sanxia Old Street". We are guided by the vice president of Taiwan AISECER (Hua Hua) and the engineering consultant ( Lin Wen-Yu) throughout the journey. We gain an experience to learn and discover the original tradition in Taiwan. Throughout the journey, we get more information and description about the Taiwan tradition culture from two of them. This is the first time I learn about the tradition culture in Taiwan. I believe that throughout the journey.. it will broaden my knowledge and also arouse my interest to know more about Taiwan.

Sanxia Old Street

These are the pictures of Sanxia Old Street. Let me tell you about the background of the Sanxia Old Street. Sanxia Old Street is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. This is a 260  meter long street and the building have stayed to 100 years. The Sanxia Old Street has been under the renovation. After took a three years renovation,  this Street reopen to the public in 2007. Sanxia Old Street is a beautiful place. My partner and I are not lose a single chance to capture more photo in this area.

At the ancient time, the people's  in the Sanxia Old Street mainly involve in the blue dyeing and the business activity. This has made the development of clothing and the business field in the Sanxia Old Street till recent. There are many shops located along the Sanxia Old Street.

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