Friday, 20 July 2012

The making of blue dyeing

During the time stayed in the Taiwan, I exposure many new things in my life. One of the activity that i had experienced was the making of the blue dyeing. Blue dyeing is one of the traditional culture that still preserve  in the Sanxia Old Street. This is the first time for me and my partner to make our own blue dyeing clothes.

We had came to the place where to make the blue dyeing.

We encountered with the owner of the shop to guide us how to start the blue dyeing. We get inside the classroom and listened to the guideline from the shop owner. There are various type of the pictures or styles can be chosen to make the blue dyeing.

                              Each of us are given a piece of the cloth.

Next, the shop owner teach us how to flip the cloth according to the different kind of the pictures or styles .

                               Sketch out the model or structure of the pictures you want to make.

                              After the model has been designed, tight it well with the rubber band.

Next, we need to get ready to immerse the cloth inside the big pail with the blue ink.

The blue ink inside the pail is make from the plant call the "马蓝大箐”。

This is the plant of "马蓝大箐”

We need to repeat the procedure by opening the cloth slide by slide to let the blue colour stained completely on the surface of the cloth. We need  to repeat the process twice.

Finally, our product complete. We get the cloth out from the pail and let the cloth to dry for about 10 minutes.

                                                  Haha....This was made by me!

              While waiting for the cloth to dry, let get inside the shop.

 These were the products sold inside the shop. All of the products inside the shop is handmade by the shop owner and the workers. This was made me feel so admire to the shop owner and workers.

  After the cloth dry, we keep the cloth inside a plastic bag. We get ready to leave.

After the journey, blue dyeing had given me a big impression. I realize the reason why the shop owner would rather to use  handmade in blue dyeing than just use machine. This is due to they need to keep the tradition of culture in making the blue dyeing. Therefore, the culture is valuable and we should not forget it!

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