Monday, 23 July 2012

Jiu Fen and Jing gua Shi

Today is our day off. We continue our journey to explore around the Taiwan. We guided by another AISECER throughout the journey. We start our journey at 8am. First of all, we take train go to the Jiu Fen. The train took about 30 minutes reach to Jiu Fen. 


                                  The sea view is so...beautiful from the Jiu Fen bus station!

Jiu Fen is a place where we can taste various type of food. We stopped at Jiu Fen to take our breakfast.  As I stepped inside Jiu Fen, I realize that yam dish can be founded around this area. We stop at the dessert store and taste for the yam dish.

        Yam dish with the read bean

                                                                Mixed yam dish with different type of beans and nuts

Both type of the yam dishes taste good. We spent our time walked around the Jiu Fen. We come to one of the tea shop. The tea shop is quite different for me. The environment of the tea shop is cool and nice. The tea shop not only provided the place for the tea lovers to taste the tea, but also display some of the antiques.

Next come to our lunch~


After lunch, we toward to the gold museum,

Next is the hiking time in 金瓜石

We took around 3 to 4 hours time to reach the peak of the mountain. The weather in the hill is fresh. We take our rest in the mountain. The view from the hill is great!

After the hiking, our journey come to the end. We start to leave. I feel exhausted after come back to home. throughout today journey, I discover the nature of the environment. Although the process of hiking is tired, but i was not regret. I proud of myself can reach to the peak of the mountain.

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