Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Kang Hsi Shuan Croissants( 康喜轩食品有限公司)

From these days, my partner and I had been visited many shops in the Sanxia Old Street. We have visited the bloody cake store, selling soap store, blue dying,and many more. I would like to share some of the great experience that we had encountered with along the Sanxia Old Street.

One of the shop that we have visited is called "' Kang Hsi Shuan Croissants"( 康喜轩食品有限公司). This is a popular shop that sell various type of the croissants,cake, handmade biscuit and many more. The croissant that offered by this shop is among the well-known snack in Taiwan. The name of the croissant is known as "金牛角 ” .  "金牛角 " is the traditional food in the Taiwan. Both of us gained the opportunity to taste the popular " ice-cream croissant" or "金牛角冰淇淋 ”. We love the ice-cream croissant so much. Besides that, we also have an experience to know the croissant making. Both of us had been invited to join the croissant making class together with the children. This is a great experience that i have not try before.

                                                    This is front view of the shop

                                           The ice-cream croissant is taste good!

                                         The process of making a croissant.

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