Sunday, 15 July 2012

Travel around Taiwan!

Continue to our next journey in Taipei. Today, Jitka and I are approaching to the Beitou hot spring. I was excited to take part in the spring. This is the first time that i go for the hot spring. So, hot spring is probably new for me. Finally, we have  arrived to the Beitou hot spring. Both of us change for the swimming suit and get down to the hot spring.

This is the place where we are get into the hot spring. The hot spring can be divided into cold spring and the hot spring. There are 2 cold spring and 4 hot spring. In the beginning,both of us don't know how which to start. we choose the hot spring in the top. Once we get our foot immerse inside the water, we feel damp hot! That time we just realize that we get into the hot spring at about 43 to 45 degree celcius. Then,both of us fast to shift to another spring. We get into the spring of 36-40 celcius spring.Once we get hot, we change to the cool spring to suit the body temperature. The hot spring only cost 40 yuan only.It is quite cheap!This is the great experience i have not try before. I like the hot spring so much.

The guideline to getting to the Beitou hot spring:

1) take bus to the "jing an" MRT station.From the "jing an" MRT station go to the Tamsui line

2) From the Tamsui Line,stop at the station of Beitou.

3) Shift the Beitou station to the " xin Beitou"

4) get down to the "xin bei tou" and walk around 15 minutes will arrive the public hot spring.

After a hot spring,both of us stop at the Japanese Restaurant to take our lunch.

 we continue our journey to the Tamsui old street. Tamsui old street is a great place.I try various type of the food. Both of us try the smelly tauhu. I get to try the red bean cookies and with a cup of almond drink. we come to one of the restaurant to try the seafood. My partner has ordered a plate of the snail. I do not try the snail because i think it is disgusting. After take our dinner, we come to the end of the trip.We leave the Tamsui old street. Overall, it is a wonderful day to exposure around the Taiwan.

 Guideline to the Tamsui old street:

get into the tamsui metro line and stop at the station of tamsui.

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