Friday, 13 July 2012

The making of croissant

Today is a sunny day. My partner and I continue our research in the Sanxia Old Street. We realize that the Sanxia Old Street is a great place. Sanxia Old Street is a location where still  preserve the old tradition of culture. Instead of the culture, Sanxia Old Street is also a place that consist various type of  food  and ceramic. I being attracted by the beauty of the ceramic along the Sanxia Old Street. Besides that, the food stall along the Sanxia Old Street is tasty. My partner and I had tested many type of the foods. The owner of the shop also treat us well. Apart from our research, we gained the opportunity to appreciate the tradition culture of the Sanxia Old Street. I also get to know how the impact of culture could change in the future life. I realize the important of preserve and protect our own tradition culture. Due to the time passed, many of the youngster are neglected about their own tradition culture. After toward the research, I think that we should not forget about our own culture, instead we should appreciate and learn where the tradition of the culture come from.

Rather than just doing the research along the Sanxia Old street, my partner and I also get the opportunity to learn some of the basic handmade product. We have a chance to make the food by our own guidance from the worker inside the production line. One of the activity we participate with is the making of the "Horn like croissants" or it called as "金牛角 ”.This is the first time i get the opportunity to make the croissant by myself. We come to the shop of "Kang Hsi Shuan Croissants"( 康喜轩食品有限公司)to start the making of the croissants. First of all, we need to listen the background of the croissant. Next, we can experience to make the croissant inside the kitchen. I feel excited to join the making of croissant together with the children.

From the beginning, I feel hard to roll the dough. After the many time of trying, i finally grab some of the guideline to roll the dough. I follow the instruction of the worker and just keep on trying. I come out with the horn like shape of the croissant. Finally, I can make the croissant by my own. I very enjoy the process of making the croissant.

                                                            The way to making a croissant.

                            This is the time for me to make the croissant.I keep on trying to roll the dough.

                                        The worker is teach me how to roll the dough.

  Finally, I  make the croissants. There are two croissants.One is make by the worker and another one is make by me. Can you guess which one is make by me?

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