Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sanxia old street temple

Continue our journey to discover the new things in Taiwan! Today, we are visited to the two temples located in the Sanxia old street.  There are two temples located in the Sanxia Old Street.The first place that we had visited is called the " ma zhu miao" (兴隆宫妈祖庙). I am the Chinese and my religion is Buddha. Thus, I will pray inside the both temples.The emergence of the both temples are came from the history of the Japanese take over the area of Taiwan. During the ancient time, the Japanese soldier has been burnt out  both of the temples.After passed the number of years, each of the temple rebuilt again to let more people get to know the true story or background of the temple. The Buddhism will pray inside the temple wish for the prosperous, safety ,and heath.

It is easy to get to the 兴隆宫妈祖庙 .兴隆宫妈祖庙is just located along the Sanxia Old Street, the code number of 50. 

 Next, we went to the second temple, called the "zu shi miao"' or (清水祖师庙). 清水祖师庙 is also a temple which has been burnt by the Japanese during the ancient time. The building structure of the 清水祖师庙is made by the cooper and wood.

 清水祖师庙 has took approximately 65 years to rebuilt again since 1947 till 2012. The special things of the
 structure inside the 清水祖师庙 is mostly from the graving. 

                                         The roof  of the temple is made from the copper.


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