Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bloody cake

One of the popular shop located along the Sanxia Old Street is the business of selling a bloody cake. As along my partner and I walked around the Sanxia Old Street, we saw there are many stalls are selling for the bloody cake. The first introduction of selling the bloody cake has started since 1990.  At this time,we get the opportunity to have an interview with one of the owner that sell the bloody cake. The shop that we had been interviewed is called "jiu pin xiang mi xue gao" or chinese known as "九品香米血糕”. The owner of the bloody cake is Uncle Zheng. Uncle Zheng has been opened the business of selling the bloody cake from many years.

Apart from our interview, we get to know the general background about the bloody cake. The business of the bloody cake has became a famous trend during the ancient time. Uncle Zheng has told us about the history regarding to the bloody cake. The emerge of the bloody cake is actually come from the life of village during the ancient time.The people during the ancient time mostly involve in the plantation. Majority of them get their food supply from what they had planted and kept.The people during the ancient time will get the meat supply by killing the chicken or duck that kept in the village. The blood fall from the chicken or duck once it has been dead. The people of the village came out with the idea to use the blood from the chicken or duck mixed with the rice.This is what we called as " bloody cake" or "血糕“.During the passed of years, the bloody cake has been replaced by the blood from the pork.


This is the bloody cake that serve with the peanut and vegetable.

Uncle Zheng has been operated the business of selling bloody cake since 2007 till 2012 in the Sanxia Old Street. Previously, Uncle Zheng has sold the bloody cake and the drink( 仙草茶).Bloody cake is a famous snack in the Taiwan.There are several way to make the bloody cake such as make it in soup, steam,fried or steamboat. The reason why Uncle Zheng take the business in selling the bloody cake is because he has experienced the life live in the village. He has been seen his grandmother to start the business of selling bloody cake since young. Uncle Zheng is being influenced by his ancestor and he is passion to get start into this type of business.


                                  The front view of  the shop of bloody cake in Sanxia Old Street.

Beside, Uncle Zheng is active in the association.

Lastly, Uncle Zheng hope that the food of the bloody cake can spread over the worldwide. So that, the people will not curious about the bloody cake. The name of the bloody cake should get into every people mind. He hope that this traditional food should be continue past over the generation and should not be neglected.

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